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DReamwater enterprises limited

Dreamwater Enterprises Limited, a concern of Footsteps Bangladesh, is a social enterprise which focuses on product innovation, entrepreneur development and market building to promote quality drinking water at an affordable price.

Established 2022

Our products

Dreamwater portable filter 

Dreamwater Portable filter is a lightweight filtration device which can be carried anywhere to convert any type of surface water, especially flood water, into drinking water. DPF has two versions: the manual version which is operated with a hand pump mechanism, and the automated battery powered version which can start the water filtration process with a push of a button.

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Dreamwater Centralized water plant

Dreamwater customizes medium to large scale water treatment facilities for apartment buildings, factories, and community spaces to ensure safe drinking water directly from water taps.


Dreamwater Low Cost household filter

Dreamwater customizes effecient and affordable household water filters for low income households who can enjoy quality water without burning their pockets.


Our values

product innovation

entrepreneur development

market building

impact moment

In July 2022, Bangladesh experienced the worst flood in its history with the Northeastern region going completely underwater. In desperate need of safe drinking water, 26 women were commissioned with Dreamwater Portable Filters which converted 4,50,000 liters of flood water into drinking water to be provided as emergency aid to affected communities. Prominent NGOs such as CARE, Shakti deployed the Dreamwater Portable Filters for their own response projects in the region.

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Our partners

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