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Footsteps provide three types of opportunities for individuals, private corporations, and governmental bodies to participate in our mission of changing livelihoods.

Become a Changemaker


If you are passionate about making a difference and creating change, then our Changemaker Development Program is perfect for you. Over a period of six months, we provide various training sessions, skill development, and field opportunities which builds you to become the ideal agent of positive change in our society.
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Become our Partner


We provide a thriving Corporate Social Responsibility Platform for both Private Corporations and Individuals through our various social ventures. Become our partner today so that we can actively bring positive changes in our society.

Fund Possibilities

External Funding will increase the scope of our mission to address more people and reach last mile communities with our social ventures and interventions. Your investment or donation in Footsteps can have a lasting impact on marginalized communities and individuals who are currently struggling with social challenges.


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