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A Week at Footsteps

- Aiyaan Morshed

“People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.”

- Paulo Coelho

From the first day of interning at Footsteps, every day was a new experience for me. Starting from the first two days of prepping, to the final days of personally visiting corporate firms and presenting our project to very important businessmen, each day was a new adventure.

We were assigned different teams and were dispatched every day to carry out tasks. These tasks included approaching different companies and pitching Footsteps’ current ongoing project, Project Trishna; and contacting companies for potential areas to set up filtration devices which will be funded by sponsors. I led my team (Nabeeha Nazrul and Arisha Asad) and contacted and personally visited Agility, National Bank, Foodpanda, United Commercial Bank, Brac Bank, United Hospital and the Gulshan Police Station.

Most of the companies have already agreed on helping us with this noble cause. Every encounter was unique and new to me. I learned that, in business, there are many kinds of people, and there are different ways of approaching and communicating with them. I learned how to sell an idea and how to speak freely with utmost fluency, a skill I have been yearning to achieve for a very long time.

Thanks to Footsteps, and its amazing members, I feel more confident as a person and as a potential businessman. My days of interning at Footsteps will not be forgotten. I sincerely thank Shah Rafayet Chowdhury and Mohammad Taqi Yasir for giving me this amazing opportunity to learn and grow through Footsteps. I also thank Scholastica for providing me with the means and the gateway to intern at this amazing organization.

Aiyaan Morshed is an A Level student from Scholastica, Bangladesh who recently completed an intensive week long internship program at Footsteps Foundation.

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