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Footsteps North America Inc. is seeking enthusiastic individuals for a project, Project Samuh, focusing on university mentorship. Volunteers will have the opportunity to mentor incoming university students to achieve their academic best and to contribute to the global community. Mentors and mentees will work together towards creating and implementing solutions to some of the biggest problems facing the developing world, with a focus on collaboration and fieldwork within North America and Bangladesh.


At Footsteps we are trying to bring social welfare to the global community. We are looking for individuals completing their undergraduate education that are committed to giving back. This role gives you an opportunity to develop and hone skills required to be a future leader and enhance career growth and development.




Do you want TO Take part in the footsteps leadership program?

Are you an international student who would want to help incoming international students? Please sign up here in order to connect to prospective students about your university, your experiences or your area of study.

The Role

If you feel you are good at communicating, love to talk to people from different cultures, organize events and be your own boss then this role is for you.

  • Have the opportunity to aid international students in college decisions and educate interested students about their institution

  • Coordinate fundraising events and learn how to network with companies and organizations to garner donations and cultivate partnerships between The Footsteps Foundation and businesses

  • Create workshop events for students to raise awareness about the work we do in The Footsteps Foundation

  • Be a liaison between The Footsteps Foundation and the university, and take advantage of the global Footsteps network

  • Coordinate, develop, and organize special projects and events in tandem with Footsteps leaders from other universities to do real humanitarian work benefitting the developing world


If you wish to be a part of the project as a prospective student and learn more about a certain university, please sign up using the following form. You will be able to ask enrolled students questions about different universities, their classes, as well as get help and tips your college seniors wished they had known when they applied!

How can you help?

If you are a prospective student, please consider donating to our organization. We are trying to install water purifying systems in regions that are desperate for clean water, and hope that in good faith you would like to help us too.


The Footsteps Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation founded in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, aims to solve some of the most complicated problems facing Bangladesh and other developing communities across the world. Historically, the foundation has achieved great success in providing water filters for free public use in Dhaka, with 80 water systems upon which over 10,000 people rely for daily use spanning the city. From here, Footsteps has developed campaigns focusing on the installation of latrines and sanitation stations, education reform, women’s empowerment, and self-defense, waste disposal, and many other issues plaguing the developing world. Because of these projects, Footsteps leaders have historically been invited to participate in the Global Youth Summit as well as to talk at United Nations conferences and events.


Changemakers Headquarters

House# 57/C, Road# 06, Niketan, Gulshan 1

Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh


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Registered under The trust act 1886 in bangladesh and 501c3 in the united states

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